Standing with SG

Having turned Changi Exhibition Centre into a community care facility (CCF) for COVID-19 patients, the government next expanded the compound with a new community recovery facility (CRF). The latter received its first 500 patients from the CCF on 3 June. With a tight timeline, a reliable partner was sought to supplement the compound with solar power. REC is honored to be that party.

Power for powerful technologies

The compound made good use of technology like robots, UV sterilizing, security systems and telecommunications. All of which required power. As there were no power lines, diesel generators were used. However, REC provides a solar power solution that would change the situation significantly for the better, cutting down on the CO2 emissions, fumes, fuel use and noise caused by the use of the diesel generators.

A sunny turn

648 REC solar panels were installed as three ground arrays. Selected were our Alpha Series panels, which delivered some of the highest panel efficiencies available worldwide. Each month, they produce enough to power 102 4-Room HDB apartments. The panels currently cover 20% of the power used in the CRF and 75% in the CCF. This has cut the number of on-site generators by half, drastically reducing noise and air pollution. Calibration is under way to further reduce generator use. The panels are so productive that there are plans to store the energy produced in batteries. They are also well-built enough that they will be repurposed when the compound reaches its end of service.

The safe choice

Why was REC chosen? Because we can be relied on. First, panels are long-term investments. You want a partner who can   support you for the lifetime of the products. REC is committed to Singapore for the long haul. In 2010, we added Singaporean reliability to our European heritage of excellence with a state-of-the-art factory in Tuas. We have also made Singapore our global Operations HQ with a team nearly 1,600 strong. This includes our technology and operations talents. All R&D investment and efforts are also based here. In fact, every REC panel used globally is assembled in Singapore. Second, REC technology is advanced and can deliver more power with the same amount of space. Third, REC is part of Singapore’s long-term development. As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said in a speech during the opening of our factory, we are a key piece in Singapore’s Clean Energy strategy - as Singapore pushes into the field of global energy solutions and tackling climate change issues. Fourth, our team in Singapore has delivered a decade of successful projects, including ones at the Tiger Beer Brewery and the National Stadium. Finally, REC has always believed in projects that benefit the community instead of merely those motivated by revenue.

● We have partnered Singapore’s City Developments Limited (CDL) and the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore to launch the Singapore Sustainability Academy which promotes a low-carbon economy nationwide.

● We have invested $250 million in Singapore to automate and upgrade technologies, and to an R&D collaboration with Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) to unleash the potential of solar energy.

● We have also brought clean energy to remote Himalayan communities, powering 1,500 people.

● Our SolarBoxLight Up Lives In Philippines initiative, started in collaboration with Red Cross, brought clean power to the Bantayan after Hurricane Haiyan

● We have also participated at the Indonesia Prasetiya Mulya University solar project, by donating solar panels to the university, enabling Energy Engineering studying for the students at Prasetiya Mulya University