Reliable, Economic, Competitive

In addition to our strong ties to Singapore, there are many more reasons why we are such a trusted brand - locally and worldwide. Discover why the REC solar solutions are winning over solar investors around the world.


Reliable beyond expectations

Did you know that 4 million panels are manufactured each year in the Singapore Tuas REC Factory? And only 40 panels come back as product claims. That is a tiny 0.00001 claims rate. You see, industry-standard testing is tough - but ours are 3X as tough. We are absolutely sure that every panel we send for certification will pass. In fact, we expect every single one of our panels to stay reliable for its whole lifetime. Even in challenging environments like hot climates and harsh weather. This is why our panels have been recognised as a Top Performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard.


European excellence, global reach

Founded in Norway in 1996, we are the world’s top European solar panel brand. We have produced around 38 million solar panels and over 10 GW of clean energy around the world. We have also powered over 16 million people at home. Solar is our focus and we excel in it. REC is also widely regarded as a thought leader in the solar industry. Another reason why so many around the globe trust us is our warranty. Solar installations are all long-term investments and our clients appreciate how we are a proven long-term partner who has been around for over two decades. State of the art Products like the REC Alpha Series highlight our technological advantage. This product is especially useful for Singapore, where space is a premium and sunlight is intermittent due to clouds. It offers 20% more power on your roof vs a 320 Wp conventional technology module, and uses the most advanced cell structure for high efficiency performance. Its high-power density maximises energy with minimum space. Leading the industry sustainably The polysilicon we use has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry thanks to an energy efficient process and hydro powered energy source leading to almost zero emissions as validated by ADEME and confirmed by CERTISOLIS. Our cells and panels are also manufactured in Singapore under some of the most rigorous environmental standards in the world. In 2018, REC introduced a unique silicon recovery process that will make it the first in the world to use silicon waste to produce solar grade silicon.


The name big names trust

It is our pleasure to have worked with many of the world’s most famous organizations like Amazon, Audi, BMW, Shell and more. We are also proud to have worked with some of the top names in Singapore.

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Here for you, here for good.

Solar panels have a long life and naturally, you expect support that lasts through the years. Having been around since 1996, we have thrived despite the challenges that the industry has faced all these years. We have maintained a healthy financial position. Also, our sustainable business practices and continuous delivery of high-quality solar solutions makes us preferred by banks, lenders, investors, and also end-customers. The result is that we have grown at a steady pace, driven mainly by technological advancements and increasing demand for our products. In addition, our global Operations HQ is situated in Singapore itself so we can tap on the nation’s many brilliant brains. Rest assured. When you choose REC, you choose a company that is here for good.

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