A panel for every purpose

The world’s energy needs are ever-growing. REC offers products and solutions that meet this need, be it for your cozy home, your business or even entire energy plants.

For my home

Most home-owners going solar in Singapore will be wondering if it is practical given Singapore’s space constraints and intermittent sunshine. With REC’s advance cell connection technology and iconic Twin panel design, the answer is YES. Expect maximum output even with minimum space. Plus, our panels look great too!

For my business

Smart entrepreneurs are always trying to enhance reliability and reduce effort involved in all they do - this is just good business. REC’s best-in-class products and long-term solutions are ideal for the most discerning business minds.

For power plants

Maximizing ROI is everything to utilities owners. You will be rightfully concerned with reliability, servicing, output and degradation on a large scale. We assure you that, as the largest European brand of solar panels, our commitment to quality is second to none.

Spotlight: The Alpha Series is ideal for Singapore

When space is precious and unclouded sunlight is limited, you must make the most of what you have. The REC Alpha Series does exactly this, overcoming Singapore’s solar issues with cutting-edge, world-leading technology for more power, more reliability, and reduced defects.

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