Reliably powering the Community Recovery Facility

648 REC solar panels were recently installed at the newly-expanded COVID-19 facility at Changi Exhibition Centre. This is the latest major project - and one of many in our island nation - we have completed using world-class, made-in-Singapore panels. Read on to learn how our reliable solar power solutions have been used for the nation and for homes, businesses or industrial applications.

Reliable, Economic, Competitive We have worked on many projects, big and small, in Singapore and the whole world. Discover why so many trust us to deliver when it comes to solar power.

Standing with SG With our strong ties to Singapore, it is only right for us to contribute to its fight against COVID-19. Learn why our panels were used at the Community Care Facility and the Community Recovery Facility.

About us Born in Europe. Forged in Singapore. Learn more about our heritage and trustworthy made-In-Singapore quality.

REC Integrated Production Facility Tuas, Singapore